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Computer Scam UK

Computer scammers have been targeting the UK for some time now and its really starting to grind my gears that people fall for it left right and centre.

I’m sure we have all had that ridiculous phone call from “windows tech support” with the intention to gain access to your machine. Well thanks to the great media coverage the effectiveness of this scam is on the decline. Over the years there have been some real doozies including PayPal scam emails all the way to winning the Nigerian Lottery.

I’m not writing this blog with the intention to teach anyone how to suck eggs. I do hope that someone takes a little from it to protect themselves from these faceless UK Computer Scammers. I’d love to go into some of the other computer scams the UK has to deal with but I only have time to cover the one at this moment in time.

Job Site Scam

This week I’ve been contacted by a friend and now a family member that have had great news; they had both landed their dream job and the pay was great. Needless to say I was over the moon for both and was anticipating the piss-ups intently. Unfortunately this was short lived! After enquiring to both about their dream jobs and the companies that had so graciously accepted their position, red flags started to wave.

After I looked into both positions I found both to be false and had the displeasure of telling my mate and family member that they have been had. There is still hope for a consolation piss-up, but that’s for another blog. The adverts we’re done to a semi decent standard so I can’t blame them on trusting the authenticity of the position advertised. It took a little bit of doxxing to figure out that it was a scam and I’ll try and cover a few points that might help you figure out if the job you’re applying for is real or not.


Doxxing, is the Internet-based practice of researching and/or broadcasting personally identifiable information about an individual, organisation or company. Its a bit of a grey area about the legality of Doxxing, but I have not disclosed any information about parties involved, so just call me the white knight.


Steps To Take To Protect Yourself From Job Scammers


Step One

The first red flag was the enquiry email address. It was completely different to any related to the company, @gmail, @yahoo and @hotmail accounts are dead give aways that you’re probably not talking to the company! You can also use search engines like Google to see if anything comes up about the email address listed.

Step Two

One of the scammers posted around 50 job positions in just one advert. I guess with the thought process of “cast a big enough net and you’re sure to catch something”

Step Three

If something is too good to be true, then it probably is! I’m an optimistic person and I can see the brilliance in many people. With that in mind, if you left school with one GCSE and your biggest talent is ranking highly on Call of Duty I would question someone offering you a job that pays 6 figures.

Step Four

Depending on you computer knowledge, you can do a who.is lookup on who owns the domain (website name). Chances are the job site that is advertising the position is unaware of any ongoing scammers.

Sometimes the scammers will avoid @gmail, @yahoo or @hotmail with the intention to look like a more professional company. This is your chance to see who really is behind the job post!

Grab the part of the email after the @ symbol and perform a who.is lookup. This will tell you everything you need to know.



If you’ve read this far, then fair play to you. I got extremely bored writing the whole thing. If you couldn’t tell computer scams piss me off. Fingers crossed it helps someone out that reads all this dribble

If you think you’ve been had, even if you know you’ve been had, you can report it via the Action Fraud Website.

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